A Little Shortie

I was reading Alex Limberg's excellent blog and he wrote a post on Endings which I quite enjoyed. At the end, he gave a little challenge to come up with an ending based on a few prompts. This shortie popped into my head:   How many times had I stood there, waiting for the crowd... Continue Reading →

World-Building Nugget #1

From time to time, I will share a nugget of “wisdom” on my world. Hope you enjoy! What happens to trash and sewage? In the technologically advanced nations, meaning those nations which still have access to bloodstone technology, trash and sewage are handled according to what it consists of. Anything that can be composted, is... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

**This is a fragment of another story.** Namea groaned. Araine started and leapt from her chair. “Namea.” She slid her fingers through her daughter’s damp hair. “Wake up darling.” The child’s eyelids rose, but her eyes were covered by the inner-eyelid. “Mama. He wants me to kill her.” “There now, my love. It’s just a... Continue Reading →


Revised Aug 8 This is a fragment of a play that I wrote for a class I'm taking. *** [The bedroom of ETHWIN, a large room occupied by a large bed. On the opposite side of the bed are a bedside table, and a door, an electronically controlled pocket door. The room is bare of... Continue Reading →


It is said that from time immemorial, stories began with the words “once upon a time.” Even true stories. There are many true stories, and many stories that tell truths. Truths about our slice of the multiverse; truths that are so in every slice. Once upon a time, there was an Earth, just like so... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time in another slice of the multiverse, dragons were created to protect humanity from an ancient evil. Ten thousand years in the past, that evil had very nearly prevailed, and the earth suffered terribly. But in this modern world, the Uthinnin have been forgotten, dismissed as legend, ancient fiction. Technologies that once... Continue Reading →

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