Once upon a time…

Once upon a time in another slice of the multiverse, dragons were created to protect humanity from an ancient evil. Ten thousand years in the past, that evil had very nearly prevailed, and the earth suffered terribly. But in this modern world, the Uthinnin have been forgotten, dismissed as legend, ancient fiction. Technologies that once rose have stagnated, and the cutting edge of scientific endeavor is to reverse engineer ancient tech.

Here is a world where ancient fantasies were made flesh: dragons are real, trolls are real, shapeshifting is real, monsters in the dark are real, sentient trees are real, and those old stories are history forgotten.

The ancient evil, the Uthinnin, is a quasi-intelligent fungus that had long ago invaded with their host sentients from yet another slice of the multiverse. Why fight gravity when you can just step next door to rob and pillage?

Welcome to the world that Ollamha Writes.


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